Why I launched From Adai to Dhebra…

I have been blogging for almost 5 years and in December, I chose to participate in a 7 day Blogging Marathon, hosted by Srivalli of Spicing Your Life.  This would forever change my blogging life.  Unknown to me, I had joined a large network of Indian food bloggers, who are well connected with each other and host blogging events to support each other and give publicity to each other.

As much as I thought I knew about Indian food (a cuisine I have been eating since childhood), every day I seem to learn something from from this amazing network of bloggers.  Naan, paratha and dosa I have been eating for many years from restaurants, but now I have learned about idli, dhebra, dhokla and adai.  This has led to my own attempts at stuffed paratha and dosa on my other blog.

I decided to launch this blog to chronicle my journey into learning the intricacies of Indian regional cuisine and especially the variety of breads…From Adai to Dhebra

Most people can make a good curry, but not everyone can make a perfect dosa!